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360° Training Harnessing the Power of Marketing, Sales, HR and AI to Achieve Breakthrough Growth.

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Upon completion of the four workshop modules, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize your company’s growth potential to catapult it to the next level.

Module 1

Business Planning

Business Planning

  • Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Understanding the Golden Circle
  • Defining Your Core Values
  • Assessing client satisfaction with your company
  • Becoming Client-Centric
  • Developing Your Strategic Plan
  • Building Company Scorecards
  • Developing A Robust Marketing Strategy

Module 2

Building Your

Building Your Team

  • Building a Strong Company Culture
  • Developing a Retention Strategy for Key Employees
  • Strengthening the Role of HR
  • Overcoming the Growth Killer – Unproductivity
  • The 5 Whys
  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Leading By Example
  • Embracing Radical Candor

Module 4

Leveraging AI

Leveraging AI

  • Putting in place the systems, processes, and technology needed to scale
  • Understanding artificial intelligence (AI) tools and platforms to gain a competitive advantage
  • Integrating proven business processes to achieve growth and simplify your execution of strategy
  • Applying AI throughout your company to achieve scale
  • Building an AI-centric lead generation machine
  • Developing outbound sales campaigns leveraging AI

Module 3


Lead Generation

  • Developing a robust marketing and sales strategy
  • Crafting an ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Developing a differentiated brand and message
  • Crafting an optimal, ROI-centric multi-channel marketing engine for driving top-of-funnel leads
  • Building an inside sales engine to maximize lead conversion and drive new opportunities
  • Leveraging the appropriate marketing and sales tools to drive growth


Embark on a journey that offers an in-depth exploration into the crucial elements of successful business management. Develop a detailed one and three-year strategic plan , immerse yourself in the process of cultivating vibrant team culture, gain insight into building a robust sales pipeline, and discover the power of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate exponential growth. Our SCALE UP training program provides an invaluable inside look into the journey of business mastery.


Empower your business to Elevate, Innovate and Dominate. Embark on this transformative growth journey today.
Small Group Sizes
Enjoy personalized attention and optimal engagement in our intimate workshops, expertly facilitated and limited to just 15 companies for a personalized experience.
Interactive Training
Undergo dynamic learning with workbook training, self-assessment, and tailored exercises, enhancing comprehension and skills for a truly tailored experience.
Actionable Takeaways
Acquire practical strategies, including pre-built templates and customizable frameworks, ready for immediate implementation to fuel your business growth.
Virtual Learning
Experience the flexibility of a learning journey seamlessly integrating into your daily operations without disruption, right from your own space.



Oct 1 – Nov 21, 2024

Tuesdays and Thursdays

1PM-3:30PM ET


Wednesday, Sept 25, 2024



Growth unlocked: Hear from small businesses how our SCALE UP training was a game-changer for their success.


Unlock the full potential of your business with a glimpse into the SCALE UP training program, presented through the audio snippets below.



Unlock your company’s growth with ‘SCALE UP,’ the foundational resource for Skayle 360’s workshops and custom training, offering transformative strategies for exponential growth.


"Chris is the consummate business leader, teacher, and mentor. He brings deep experience helping businesses achieve their goals for success. Since 2017 we have brought him in to train our clients through our Business Growth Training Workshops. Our clients have garnered great results from working with Chris and we will continue to work with him well into the future. We highly recommend working with Chris to grow your business!"

Eric Basta Business Development Manager at New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NH MEP)

"I chose Chris to be the guest speaker at our annual 2-day marketing training program. Our 25-person marketing team supports a $400 million global medical device company focused on intravascular therapies. Chris delivered in spades. When he met with us and delivered the training modules in person, his presentations were insightful, humorous, interactive and though-provoking. I am implementing a number of his recommendations, particularly in the realm of digital strategy and social media."

James Kelly Sales and Business Development at Medmix - Surgery

"This training is essential for small businesses that expect to compete with larger companies. I plan to implement all the strategies discussed, especially modules 1, 2, and 4. We're also very excited to utilize the AI tools. I also enjoyed the plain speak and Chris’s VERY helpful attitude."

David Tanner Associate Principal - BWA Architecture

"Overall I was very pleased with the information that was provided. We have already started finding ways to leverage AI and will implement some of the strategies from Module 1 as we update our strategic plan. I am also hoping to be able to implement some of the tools from the Team Building module to ensure we have the right people in the right seats."

Denise Cogman President & CEO - Springfield School Volunteers

"It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you. We have gained so much knowledge and insight from our trainings. I think I speak for most, when I say we appreciate the time, dedication and investment you have made in working with all of us as a group, as well as one on one!"

Linda Kline Sales Manager at Columbia Mfg., Inc.

"In my working capacity in the International Business Department at a well-known university, I met Chris Ciunci. Results from working with Chris exceeded expectations. He is highly recommended."

Gerald Cohen Trade Consultant at Chafee Center For International Business

"Chris's commitment to helping others succeed is what really sets him apart. In our mutual business circles, I've seen him routinely lend his expertise, ensuring entrepreneurs not only find their footing but also accelerate their growth. Chris is a leader and model for business owners looking to grow and excel."

Ted Scholhamer Founder of Scholhamer Business Law, LLC

"I attended two of Chris' workshops on international marketing for small businesses. He did a great job of explaining by using concrete examples, and gave me a lot to think about as far as expanding our usage of social media tools and broadening our international reach."

Dave Schowalter Business Executive and Ph. D. at The MathWorks, Inc.

"Chris is a great leader and a successful entrepreneur and has the ability, skills and personality to help you get your business to the next level. His knowledge and extensive contacts will undoubtedly provide great value to any organization."

Aaron Bishop Director of Business Development at CMC Construction


Unlocking Your Company's Potential Growth The Patricia Raskin Show


For companies looking to amplify their success, Skayle 360 offers two powerful pathways: our acclaimed workshop training, and a uniquely tailored Custom Training Program. Both pathways offer exceptional benefits; the choice depends on your company's specific needs and goals. The custom training option is designed to fully address your company's unique requirements and opportunities. It's not about better or worse - it's about what fits your company best. This program aims to empower your company through 1:1 strategies and personalized training.


1:1 Coaching Experience

Guided by Lead Trainer, Chris Ciunci, immerse your company in a journey tailored to its unique needs and opportunities.

Profound Business Audit

Kickstart the journey with an in-depth evaluation of your current practices, paving the way for targeted improvements.

In-Person Engagement

Enjoy real-time interaction, immediate feedback, and a learning environment responsive to your needs through our in-person meetings.

Precision-Crafted Content

Our training program hones in on identified business weaknesses, ensuring impactful and effective learning.

Post-Training Check-ins

Leverage the power of ongoing support and guidance as you apply your newly-acquired strategies and techniques.

Unparalleled Flexibility

With adaptable training times and a program that evolves with your needs, we guarantee minimum disruption and maximum productivity.

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