Yes, we understand that each company is unique and may have specific requirements. Customized training options are available to tailor the workshop content to your organization’s specific needs. We will work closely with you to address your challenges and provide practical solutions that align with your goals.

The customized training process begins with an initial audit and assessment of your company’s specific needs and challenges. Our experienced trainer, Chris Ciunci, will work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. Based on the findings from the audit and assessment, a customized training plan will be developed to address the specific areas of focus for your company.

The pricing for customized training is determined based on the amount of work and training needed to meet your company’s specific needs. After the initial audit and assessment process, a comprehensive proposal will be provided outlining the scope of the training, the required resources, and the estimated pricing. This ensures that the pricing is tailored to the level of customization and the specific training requirements for your company.

By opting for customized training, you can address the unique challenges and opportunities specific to your company. The training will be designed to align with your business goals, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. Customized training allows for a more focused and tailored approach, providing practical solutions and strategies that directly address the areas you want to improve or develop. It allows for a deeper dive into specific topics and promotes a more comprehensive understanding of how to implement the concepts learned in the context of your business.

The duration of the customized training process can vary depending on the specific needs and scope of the training. After the initial audit and assessment, a timeline will be developed, outlining the various stages of the training process and the expected duration. The timeline will take into consideration your company’s availability and the desired pace of the training. The goal is to ensure an efficient and effective learning experience tailored to your specific needs.