Together, We Scale New Heights

Leveraging the strength of a CEO peer network to ensure breakthrough growth

Skayle 360's CEO Roundtable:

A Catalyst for Small Business Growth

Unlock the collective potential of peer insights and instructor-led growth training to scale your business. Our CEO Roundtable offers a unique blend of growth frameworks & templates, group wisdom, strategic collaboration, and tailored support, focusing specifically on the growth needs of small businesses. With a commitment to fostering deep connections and actionable strategies, our CEO Roundtable is designed to address the distinct challenges small business CEOs face, clearing the path for breakthrough growth.

Elevate Your Business: Key Reasons to Join Skayle 360's CEO Roundtable

Skayle 360's CEO Roundtable is where small business CEOs converge to learn and share strategies and insights for scaling their companies. This unique monthly gathering offers actionable solutions and access to an elite network of CEOs, all focused on leveraging collective wisdom to achieve the next level of growth.

Tailored for Small Business CEOs

Specifically designed for small business with fewer than 100 employees, who are all at similar growth lifecycle stages and confronting similar challenges.

Focused on Small Business Growth

Skayle 360’s CEO Roundtable is uniquely focused on helping small businesses achieve their full growth potential and unlock growth.

Growth Frameworks and Tools

Members have exclusive access to growth frameworks, practical lead generation toolkits, sales playbooks, cutting-edge technologies, and marketing best practices.

In-Person Engagement

Enjoy real-time interaction, immediate feedback, and a learning environment responsive to your needs through our in-person meetings.

Exclusive Network

Gain access to an exclusive network of like-minded small business leaders who are facing the same small business challenges as you.

Diverse Perspectives

Benefit from the rich diversity of experiences and viewpoints each member brings to the table, which is carefully curated to include CEOs from a variety of sectors.

Strategic Insights

The collective intelligence of the group provides a powerful resource for tackling complex challenges, identifying new opportunities, and driving sustainable growth.

Confidentiality and Trust

Operate in an environment of strict confidentiality and mutual respect, where sensitive issues can be discussed openly and honestly.

Skayle 360's CEO Roundtable Could Be Right For You If:

You're focused on accelerating business growth:

The Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable unites forward-thinking leaders dedicated to expanding their businesses. This environment is perfect for CEOs seeking to leverage collective insights and experiences to drive substantial growth.

You seek innovative strategies for expansion:

Our roundtable offers fresh perspectives and strategies beyond your industry norms. If you're aiming to innovate and scale, here you'll discover actionable insights that can catapult your business forward.

You're ready to lead your business to its next breakthrough:

If you're seeking to enhance your capability to make bold, growth-driven decisions and to lead your business through its next phase of expansion, the insights and support from our roundtable are invaluable.

You're committed to leading at the edge of innovation:

For CEOs aiming to position their businesses at the forefront of their industries, our roundtable is a source of inspiration and strategies for staying ahead, ensuring you lead with innovation and a strategic mindset.

You desire strategic collaboration and feedback:

Our roundtable ensures a confidential space for discussing growth strategies and challenges. It's an ideal setting for CEOs looking for honest, constructive feedback and support on their growth journey.

You're committed to personal and professional growth:

If you're a CEO who believes in continuous improvement, not just for your business but for yourself as a leader, the roundtable is designed to foster that growth through shared learning, reflection, and actionable feedback.


What sets the Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable apart from other peer-to-peer offerings?

The Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable is uniquely designed for small business CEOs, focusing exclusively on strategies for accelerating business growth. Unlike broader executive groups, our roundtable zeroes in on the challenges and opportunities specific to companies with fewer than 100 employees, ensuring every discussion is directly applicable to your growth journey.

What topics are discussed during the CEO Roundtable meetings?

Our CEO Roundtable meetings address a diverse range of topics crucial for growth, including effective business planning strategies, expanding and strengthening teams, lead generation best practices and leveraging AI for operational efficiency and decision-making. Each session is designed to equip small business CEOs with the knowledge and tools needed for scaling their businesses in today’s fast-evolving landscape.

How frequently do meetings occur, and how are they structured to focus on growth?

Meetings are held monthly and are meticulously planned to cover growth-centric topics. This structure allows members to explore a wide range of strategies and insights, ensuring that each session directly contributes to the members' growth objectives.

What commitment is expected from members, and why?

A one-year commitment is required to ensure a consistent, focused exploration of growth strategies. This duration fosters deep relationships and allows for the thorough examination and application of growth insights, maximizing the benefit to each CEO and their business.

What does it cost to join the Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable?

The annual membership fee for the Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable is $10,000. This fee reflects our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience that includes access to a curated network of peers, expert-led sessions, and a suite of growth resources tailored to the needs of small business CEOs.

What does the annual fee include?

Your annual membership fee covers participation in monthly CEO roundtable meetings, both in-person and virtual, to accommodate varying schedules and preferences. Additionally, members gain access to exclusive growth training and materials, the opportunity for one-on-one executive coaching sessions, and invites to special events with industry leaders.

How does the cost compare to other peer exchange groups?

Compared to other executive peer groups, which can charge anywhere from $12,000 to $18,000 and upwards annually, the Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable offers competitive pricing. We've strategically priced our roundtable to ensure that members receive incredible value, making it a more accessible option without compromising on the quality and exclusivity of the experience.

How does the roundtable ensure confidentiality and trust among its members?

A strict confidentiality agreement is signed by all members at the outset, creating a trusted environment where CEOs can share and discuss issues openly. This confidentiality is the cornerstone of our roundtable's success.

What additional resources or support does Skayle 360 offer its roundtable members?

Beyond the monthly meetings, members have access to exclusive leadership development content, one-on-one coaching opportunities, and special events featuring thought leaders and industry experts. Our platform also offers a secure, private forum for members to continue discussions and share resources between meetings.


Joining the Skayle 360 CEO Roundtable isn't just about attending meetings; it's about becoming part of a community dedicated to achieving exceptional business outcomes. If these aspirations resonate with you, we welcome you to apply.

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We'll use your email to send you this and other useful information about Skayle 360. We hate spam too so we'll never share your email. Unsubscribe anytime. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.